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About Us

Who is, she is more than just a lingerie store. She is your close friend. She pours endless care on every stitch, every detail of her is to reflect your unique charm. uses a unique design concept Exquisite craftsmanship inherited from decades to draw elements of fashion trends to bring you more comfortable and ideal dressing experience.

We have our own fixed factory in China, and we use high-quality raw materials. Ensure that we have an absolute advantage in terms of style, fabric comfort, and price. You can spend less money to buy the most comfortable and best-looking clothes.


Our team

Our company has many designers and purchasers. They often shuttle between the sources of high-quality raw materials and high-quality seminars to obtain new design concepts and high-quality materials to meet the needs of different customers. Each product series has a corresponding team, buyers, designers, assistants, buyers, market analysts, and team managers. They discuss possible popular styles, colors, fabrics, and retail prices, as well as the cost of reaching an agreement, and then decide on the final production. We have a 24/7 professional customer service team to provide you with pre-sales consultation, logistics tracking, and after-sales processing. Hope you have a good shopping.